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Tower Engineering Group is a premier provider of structural engineering services associated with the structural design and analysis of new and existing telecommunication towers.

We provide structural analysis assessment, design alternates, structural condition evaluation of telecommunication tower structures. 

Our clients are cell phone carriers and turf vendors. Our core values of structural engineering services is centered around, execution, adaptability, excellence, dependability, safety, leadership, and being client focused are a true reflection of who we are as a premier structural engineering firm.

The Industry

In 1985 there were approximately 340 thousand cell phone subscribers in the US. Today, there are more than 330 million. Total cell phones in use have outstripped total US population. This vast communications network is made possible by some 230 thousand cell phone broadcast towers.

The core business of Tower Engineering Group is to assist cell phone carriers with structural design and evaluation of telecommunication tower infrastructure. Structural engineering design/analysis of telecommunication broadcast towers is our business.

We have earned the reputation for providing competitive and economical tower structural analysis, designs for our clients throughout the United States.

Our staff is experienced in the design and detailing of new telecommunication towers as well as the analysis and reinforcement of existing towers, including foundation analysis and design.

What We Do

Who We Are

Ethical Standards

We insists on the highest ethical standards in conducting business. Doing the right thing and acting with integrity are the two forces at work in driving Tower Engineering Group success. When faced with ethical issues, employees are expected to make the right decision consistent with Tower Engineering Group principles and standards.